Meet the Ponies

 At Pony Express Party Ponies, we have the sweetest ponies!  Each one has their own special personality!

SmokeySmokey!  He’s our best “solo” pony!  He’s the smallest, so the little one’s like him the best!  He’s also super affectionate!  He loves getting all of the attention too, but doesn’t mind sharing it when he’s with the gang!  Smokey doesn’t mind the bows and ribbons that we put on him, he knows it makes the little one’s smile!


Merry Legs 4Merry Legs!  She’s our best team player!  She loves to be with the other ponies!  She’s great at making sure the crew comes together.  Her pretty coloring and silly personality is perfect for the kids that may be a little nervous their first time!


Gracie 1Gracie!  Don’t let her dainty size fool you!  She has a ton of character and is always happy to go for rides!  Her big fluffy mane and tail always attracts the little ones!  She loves being called “the prettiest pony!”.



Frankie 1Frankie!  He’s our silliest pony!  What a character!  Everyone loves his thick, crazy mane!  He’s very curious and loves the little ones.  When we first got him, we knew he was going to be great.  Always willing to learn and accept new challenges.



Pepper!  Our newest member!  She’s a little bigger so the older kids can participate too!

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