About Us

Pony Express Party Ponies!

Spokane’s best pony rides!  We offer full merry-go-rounds or a single pony!

Whether you’re in Eastern Washington or Northern Idaho, we can bring our sweet ponies right to you!  We’re licensed and Insured!

We take great pride in our ponies!  They’re sweet, love kids, and are happiest when the little ones are riding them around!  All of our ponies are trained by us, taking special care to ensure that they are calm and focused.  When we bring a new pony on board, they get lots of practice first.

Our ponies have the best medical care, they’re always up to date on vaccinations and groomed regularly.  When they’re at home and relaxing, they have a big area that they can run and play and just hang out!

Each pony has their own personality!  You can read about each one, here!

During the early fall and just before winter, our ponies are at the Harvest House every weekend!  They love this time of year, lots of kids and lots of fun!

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