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About Pony Express

Experience party rentals that give your kids the ride of their lives. Get to know the happy crew of ponies we have at Pony Express in Spokane, Washington.

Pony Express Gracie - Party Rentals


The smallest one in the crew happens to be our best solo pony. Kids love to bond with Smokey owing to his affectionate ways. As long as he gets to bond with a lot of other pets and the little ones, Smokey doesn't mind no matter how many bows we put on him.

Pony Express Gracie - Party Rentals


The favorite attraction and our lead pony with a big white mane and tail. Loves to keep watch over everything, especially Merry Legs, her daughter.

Merry Legs

This pony loves to be with all the others in the crew. Merry Legs is our best team player who's great at completing the job. Merry Legs' pretty coloring and silly disposition complement our crew's fun vibe.


The prettiest pony that everyone wants to ride. Gracie's dainty size and big fluffy mane always attract the little ones. This pony has a lot of character and is always happy to go for rides.


A sweet boy with a follow-you-anywhere attitude, Frankie has the ability to cheer up kids and the elderly to make them feel better. We tried to get Frankie a candy striper job, but couldn't find a hair net big enough to fit his mane!

Weekday Rides and Fall Season Rides

Pony Express offers weekday rides. We can always make arrangements for school parties and other special occasions held in various venues. During the fall season, our ponies are featured every weekend at the Harvest House.

Contact us in Spokane, Washington, to learn more about the crew of ponies we offer as party rentals.